Innovative food research

The Amsterdam Network for Interdisciplinary Studies on Eating is dedicated to pioneering innovative research on food. A particular focus is the manner in which value is attributed to foodstuffs, how such values compete and coalesce, and how they steer the production and consumption of food. As a network, we aim to cooperate with and beyond the confines of the scholarly community, reaching out to societal partners as well as to other disciplines. The future of food can look bright if we cooperate: together we can both bite off more and chew it!

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Lingering after dinner (Dutch)
The evangelical broadcasting company EO broadcast a live programme 'Count Your Blessings’ in 2019. Broadcast on Monday-Thursday, the show centered on what people are grateful for, asking them during dinner time. Following the broadcast, theologians Mirella Klomp and Peter-Ben Smit reflected on the meanings and values circling around the everyday of dinner. Every Friday a new episode of these (Dutch-language) reflections was broadcast.


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